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SPOT HUG detects Unauthorized Movement when your boat moves more than 500 meters without your authority and the key FOB is not present. A notification with the GPS position is automatically sent to the Asset Monitoring Center who alerts local authorities. The registered boat owner is also notified of the incident.

Dedicated and highly trained operatives command the Asset Monitoring Center 365/24/7 and have direct access to local authorities. Unauthorized Movement monitoring is included with SPOT Basic Service for HUG.

The SPOT HUG will be automatically armed once the Key FOB has left the Tracker range (60 ft/18m). HUG will be automatically disarmed and remain disarmed when a paired FOB comes into and stays within Tracker range. The Tracker frequently checks for the presence of the paired FOB to ensure security.

What is the process once the Asset Monitoring Center Receives an Unauthorized Movement Alert?
Once an Unauthorized Movement Alert has been received, the Asset Monitoring Center attempts to contact the SPOT HUG owner at their primary contact number set up in their user account to make sure that it wasn't a false alarm. This is why it is important to always have your account at findmeSPOT.com up to date.

The Asset Monitoring Center then contacts the local authorities providing available account information and updated GPS coordinates. Prior to leaving the call, Asset Monitoring Center personnel will make sure that the responding agency obtains the customer's name, call back number, position and that assistance is in route. They will also pass Asset Monitoring Center contact information to the customer.

The Asset Monitoring Center will continue to monitor the incident through an open line of communication with the customer and the local authorities. They will also advise the local authorities of position changes and if the boat stops moving. If the asset is recovered, they will inform the owner and pass the contact information for the authorities to regain control of the boat.

Note: Local authorities may dictate when they will respond to an incident (e.g. when the boat stops moving, when they have officers available, after it has been reported stolen). Asset Monitoring Center personnel will assist the authorities in any way and continue to attempt to contact the asset owner if contact is not
initially made.